Custom Backdrops


CUSTOM BACKDROPS, MANDAP’S, CHUPPA’S are available for cultural or religious weddings.  We are experienced in cultural traditions and religious ceremonies and have a variety of selections for all tastes. Just choose your colors and your style.  We can create anything or copy anything you like.  All backdrops are available from 8 – 14 ft tall and can easily fit into either your home or a large reception hall.    Mandaps and chuppa’s can be anywhere from 8 ft square to 14 ft square and can have the ceiling open or covered.  Each creation starts at $400 but is custom priced and we would suggest booking a free consultation to talk about  your ideas. They are a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE and include..

  • delivery
  • set-up
  • same day take down
  • decor
  • lighting