Make your venue pop with a wedding Ceiling Decor Packages from Designer Weddings in Victoria, BC. We can decorate your wedding ceiling with draping, strings of lights, chinese lanterns, fabric swags, pinwheel draping, or put together a wedding ceiling decor combination package just for you.

Our service includes ceiling decor, delivery, set up, and same-day take down (if required).

Below you will find a list of our most popular wedding ceiling decor packages.

4 panel pinwheel ceiling package
4 Panel Pinwheel Ceiling Package
Four Panel Pinwheel Ceiling Package is perfect when you want a little something on the ceiling but don't have the budget for something large.  Sometimes 4 is all you need to set the evening off on the right foot.  Comes with 4 panels (either 20, 30 or 40 ft long), twinkle lights and full set-up and take down.
$500.00 Add to cart
chinese lantern ceiling package
Chinese Lantern Ceiling Package
This is a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE which means it includes decor, delivery, set-up and same day take down.  Completely hassle free.  Package contains 40 Chinese Lanterns in your choice of colors and sizes.
$350.00 Add to cart
combination ceiling package
Combination Ceiling Package
Package contains a combination of 4 fabric panels, 4 light strings and 24 chinese lanterns OR 8 light strings and 24 chinese lanterns. This is a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE and includes decor, delivery, set up and take down.
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Edison Light Ceiling Package by Designer Weddings
Edison Light Ceiling Package
Edison Light Ceiling Package  Super cool LED Edison lights. They use practically no power at all.  You can dress them up or make them casual.  Use them indoors, outdoors or in a tent.  They are amazing.  They come in black or white. Package includes set-up, take down and lights.
$750.00 Select options
Edison Lights chandeliers by Designer Weddings
Edison Light Chandeliers
Edison Light Chandeliers - so popular in trendy weddings.  They look amazing with either faux greenery or flowers (provided by Designer Weddings) or real greenery and flowers (provided by your talented florist).  Chandeliers come in two sizes - 
  • large with 12 pendants
  • small - 3 pendants 
Order by the number of chandeliers you would like.  These are NOT available as DIY but only with our full service package. $150 is the starting price for the small chandeliers. Popular in a tent BUT can also be done indoors.  
$150.00$250.00 Select options
Ceiling Sails
Fabric Ceiling Sails Package
Fabric Ceiling Sails Package comes with 4 fabric ceiling sails and the lighting of your choice.  It is an all inclusive package which includes decor, delivery, set up and take down .  Completely hassle free.  It contains 4 fabric ceiling sails, with some different colour options and 4 light strings. The lights strings can be placed either in the fabric or between the fabric. This ceiling treatment can be done in most venues without damaging walls or ceilings. The perfect way to cover an unsightly ceiling or enhance an already beautiful one. When decorating your room don't forget to look up! The four fabric panel ceiling sails with  lights make an already special evening a night to remember.
$550.00 Add to cart
full ceiling drape
Full Ceiling Drape Package
Full Ceiling Drape - why not cover your entire ceiling in fabric?  This is perfect for unsightly ceilings or ceiling that are just too high.  We have several fabric color options..white, ivory, mink.  All ceilings come with some form of lighting either twinkle lights, edison lights or chandeliers.   Price is based on the height of the ceiling, the size of the room and the type of lighting you choose. This is a full service package which means it includes not only the decor but set-up, take down and arranging set-up times with the venue.    
$1,200.00 Add to cart
Large chandelier
Large Crystal Chandelier
Our large crystal chandelier looks amazing in tents or with a full ceiling drape or pinwheel.  It plugs into any outlet.
$100.00 Add to cart
Large Pinwheel Ceiling Package
Large Pinwheel Ceiling Package
Starts at $900.  The large pinwheel ceiling package includes 12 fabric panels, 12 light strings and a large chandelier, mirror ball or center fixture of your choice. This is a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE which includes decor, delivery, set-up and take down.
$900.00 Add to cart
Medium Pinwheel Ceiling Package
Medium Pinwheel Ceiling Package
.  The medium pinwheel ceiling package is amazing.  Starting at $700 it includes 8 fabric panels, 8 light strings  a chandelier, mirror ball or center fixture of your choice AND set-up, take down and delivery.  Let us do all the work.
$700.00 Add to cart
twinkle light ceiling package
Twinkle Light Ceiling Package
 Twinkle Light Ceiling Package is a  FULL SERVICE PACKAGE which means the price includes the decor, delivery, set-up and same day take down.  Completely hassle free.  Light strings can be set up in any pattern suitable to your taste and the room. Nothing beats a "starlight night".  Price starts at $550.00
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