Nothing pulls a room together like chair covers and matching sashes.  We have chair covers in several styles to fit many different chair types.    Have you ever heard of a “chair tuxedo” to dress up a folding chair?  Add the latest “bling” with a diamond buckle or broach.

Chair wraps by Designer Weddings
Chair Wraps
It's hard to find a chair that our universal chair wraps don't fit!  They just slip over the top and tie at the back for a beautiful romantic feel.  We have black, white, chocolate brown and ivory in satin and white in krinkle taffeta.  .
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white rouched chair cover
Rouched Chair Covers
Our Rouched Chair Covers are an amazing chair cover.  Made of a high quality stretch scuba (not spandex) the gather so gracefully that speak for themselves even without a chair sash.  They look their best on a large square chair.
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scuba chair covers
Scuba Chair Covers
Scuba chair covers have a medium stretch quality and will fit most banquet chairs, either round or square top, folding or stacking.  They are available in black, white or ivory.
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spandex chair covers
Spandex Chair Covers
Spandex chair covers fit virtually EVERY chair.  They have an unbelievable ability to stretch to any shape and look fantastic!  Our Madrid Style have a band across the back so if you don't feel like a sash you can just leave it plain or add a diamond clip for a little bling.
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Tuxedo chair cover by Designer Weddings
Tuxedo Chair Cover
Tuxedo chair cover is made to fit over the back of a metal folding chair.  They look like a little "tuxedo".  So cute and the perfect way to dress up a chair for a fun occasion.  Available in both black and white.  The Tuxedo Chair Covers are one of our DIY Deals.  Pick them up clean, iron the yourself (they don't really need it) and return the dirty.  Save yourself 2/3 of the price.
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