Tent Decor and tents……the latest thing in wedding venues.  Living in such a beautiful spot on Vancouver Island who wouldn’t want to take advantage of nature and all it has to offer.  A tent is wonderful way to do that.  Why not personalize your tent with a little bit of you.  If you are the “romantic kind”  dress it up with lights, drape the tent with fabric and greenery but if you are the “fun type” dress it up with different lighting, colored fabrics or lanterns.  They really are the perfect blank canvas and we are here to help you “paint’ it with the colors or your love story.  All of our Tent Draping Packages include delivery, tent draping (in different price ranges), various types lighting depending on what atmosphere you want, coordination with the Tent Company regarding set-up and take down and our personal guarantee that you will just love it.

Edison Lights chandeliers by Designer Weddings
Edison Light Chandeliers
Edison Light Chandeliers - so popular in trendy weddings.  They look amazing with either faux greenery or flowers (provided by Designer Weddings) or real greenery and flowers (provided by your talented florist).  Chandeliers come in two sizes - 
  • large with 12 pendants
  • small - 3 pendants 
Order by the number of chandeliers you would like.  These are NOT available as DIY but only with our full service package. $150 is the starting price for the small chandeliers. Popular in a tent BUT can also be done indoors.  
$150.00$250.00 Select options
Full Tent Drape by Designer Weddings Inc in Victoria BC
Full Tent Draping
Full Tent Draping - Full Tent Draping includes the ceiling, the walls and the legs the works!!!  Plus lighting!!  It's transforming the venue into something truly magical...it can be anything you want anywhere you want.  A tent at a venue, in your backyard or on the farm...it will be amazing no matter what. Pricing starts at $2400 but of course depends on the size of the tent, the configuration of the ceiling, the height of the ceiling, the number of legs and the amount of fabric and style of lighting needed.  Our Full Tent Draping comes with...
  • all fabric, lighting and decor items
  • lighting could include twinkle lights, cafe lights, edison lights or chandeliers
  • consultations with the tent company regarding details of the tent
  • consultations with the tent company regarding set-up and take down times
  • specialty equipment required for draping tents 
You can also add greenery chandeliers, greenery garlands, or geometric shapes.
$2,400.00 Add to cart
Tent ceiling sails
Tent Ceiling Sails
Tent Ceiling Sails - or Partial Ceiling Drape is the perfect way to bring the romance of lights and fabric into your evening.  If you love the feeling of romance or if you just want to add a bit of color to your mostly white tent this would be the perfect choice for you.  This is definitely a budget friendly option. The price starts at $800 but really depends on the style of tent, height of the ceiling, configuration of the tent roof and of course the number of sails you would like. Also included in the price is.
  • Lighting -  your choice of twinkle lights, Edison bulbs, cafe lights or chandeliers.
  • Consultations with your tent company to get all the important details and schedule the set-up/take down times.
  • delivery, set-up and take down of all ceiling decor
  • specialty equipment designed for tent ceilings
You can also add other items to your ceiling like chinese lanterns, greenery chandeliers, geometric shapes or greenery garlands if you like.  
$800.00 Add to cart
tent draping and tent full ceiling drape designer Weddings
Tent Full Ceiling Drape
Wow....when you just want your guests to be totally blown away go for the Tent Full Ceiling Drape.  Cover every inch of that unsightly ceiling with fabric and lights.  Nothing says romance more than this.  A Full Tent Ceiling Drape literally transports you into the dream you knew you could have.  It takes you from "great" to "speechless". Our price starts at $1500 but depends on the size of the tent, configuration of the ceiling, height of the ceiling and type of lighting.  Included in our package is...
  • all fabric, lights and decor.  Twinkle lights, cafe lights, edison lights or chandeliers
  • consultations with the tent company regarding details of the tent
  • coordination with the tent company regarding set-up and take down of the tent
  • specialty equipment required for doing tent ceilings
You can also add things like hanging greenery chandeliers, greenery garlands or hanging geometric shapes to enhance the look and feel.
$1,500.00 Add to cart
Tent leg draping - clear tent - by Designer Weddings
Tent Leg Draping
Tent Leg Draping - is just what it suggests, draping the tent legs in fabric.  You can do it together with any tent ceiling treatment.   Whether you are doing a simple ceiling treatment or covering the entire ceiling you will want to cover those unsightly poles. All you do is figure out which poles (if not all) are important for you to cover and cover them "by the pole".  We charge $50 per pole.  Just let us know how many poles you will want to drape.  The package includes
  • all fabric & equipment
  • set-up and take down
$60.00 Add to cart
Edison Lights chandeliers by Designer Weddings
Tent Lighting
 TENT LIGHTING - There are so many different types of Tent Lighting available you will have no problem finding something that is sure to be a showpiece. Just choose the one that sets the mood for an unforgettable evening.  They come in various price ranges so there is one for every budget. We have
  • Twinkle lights on a white wire
  • Cafe lights on a black wire - these have a round bulb
  • Edison lights on a black or white wire - these are heavy and require good support
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Colored up lighting - which can be fastened to the ceiling
These prices are for the LIGHTING ONLY and do not include any fabric.  If you would like fabric choose from our DRAPING PACKAGES which include lighting in their price.
$30.00$750.00 Select options