12″ iron table number stands, fancy vintage frame stands or wooden “shabby chic” stands. Numbers available for all

acrylic table number
Acrylic Table Number
Acrylic Table Number - perfectly crystal clear.  You can customize it with either an acrylic base, a white base or even a stained wooden base.  The number can be either silver or gold.  Perfect when you want to "kick things up a notch".
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burlap table number
Burlap Table Number
Burlap Table Number by Designer Weddings. Burlap with a chalkboard. Just write your own numbers or words in any style you like.  So cute and so versatile.  Can be fun names or numbers.  Stands about 8 inches tall.
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Cursive wooden table number
Cursive Table Number
Cursive Table Number by Designer Weddings.  Made out of real wood.  A beautiful table number in cursive writing.  Great for any table setting or special occasion,  Table number stands approx 10" tall.
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easel table number
Easel Table Number
Easel table number - painted number or name on a cute easel. Choose whatever name or font style you like and we'll make it for you.  Completely custom
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gold picture frame
Frames - Show off your unique table number in a picture frame.   You can insert table numbers or even your favorite pictures.  Choose from a beautifully carved wooden table number frame.  Perfect your that vintage look or frames in either 5x7 or 8x10 in gold silver, black and copper.
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Metal table number stand
Wire Stand
The classic table number stand that suits and theme.  Comes with table numbers
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Wooden Table numbers
Wooden Table Number
Wooden cursive table number - how cute and elegant.  Can be rustic or not.  Numbers are approx 6" tall
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